Since the 1970’s, Jacky Craissac performed solo his percussion concerts with the instruments which he creates

Rare are the concerts in which the beauty of form is associated with an extraordinary sound world. Such concerts are the hallmark of Jacky Craissac’s artistry. Even before the very first stroke of the conductor’s baton, the audience is imbued with an aesthetic emotion arising from the scenic ambiance. A simple play of light suffices to unveil the full majesty of Jacky Craissac’s sound-sculptures.

The concert offers a course lined with various “instrumental assemblages” in which the artist settles and immerses himself in free exploration of sound. Striking, pounding, or caressing his instruments in turn with sticks and hands, his expression – at once alive and physical – is the channel through which he pushes away the limits of rhythm, harmony and time.

From the integrity and diversity of the materials used (hide, wood, metal), the artist creates a unique array of acoustic timbres. Deep resonant bass, infra-bass or crystal-like sounds and harmonics recall nothing familiar to the ear. Their combination gives one the amazing impression of massive orchestral sound such as that usually produced by symphonic ensembles.

Captivated and filled with wonder, the audience itself begins to resonate from the invitation to this journey of purity, beauty and creative energy.

Un maître des percussions et de la sonorité – He waited happily for the moment the Bordeaux Conservatoire dedicated to him, as invited artist, a Night of Creation, on 10 avril 2010 at CAPC the Bordeaux Museum of Contemporary Art. He was terribly disappointed when ill health prevented him to honouring this appointment. That night, dedicated to him despite his incapacity, was an homage to an exceptional musician… ” A.D.B., Journal Sud Ouest, 17 février 2010.

Le CAPC, Bordeaux Museum of Contemporary Art hosts the instruments of Jacky Craissac for this Night of
Creation 2010 and played extracts of his work.CAPC 2010 IMG_4785

Au Théâtre national de Bordeaux en Aquitaine – TnBA –  à Bordeaux (F) le 22 mars 2007

Jacky Craissac jouait notamment sur l’Espace, instrument qu’il avait spécialement créé pour ce concert à Bordeaux. Il y présentait également une création sur un nouvel ensemble instrumental composé de 7 tambours. Partenariat Conservatoire National de Région de Bordeaux, Théâtre national de Bordeaux en Aquitaine et Musiques de Nuit Diffusion.
“At the source of music” – Luc Bourrousse, Sud Ouest – March 22nd, 2007

“Le conservatoire de Bordeaux rend hommage à Jacky Craissac – Je suis dépendant de l’émotion” – Boris Touleyrou, Le Républicain – 22 Mars 2007


Au Théâtre des Quatre Saisons à Gradignan (F) le 28 février 2006

Crédit photo Jacky Craissac V


“Jacky Craissac, the master of resonance” – Luc Bourrousse, Sud Ouest – February 28th, 2006


Au Centre Culturel des Carmes à Langon (F) le 09 Octobre 2004

He created the music on stage  to a pluri-artistic performance Osmose des Arts, combining dance, painting, sculpture, dress designing, hairstyle and make-up of art.



“Des sons venus d’ailleurs” – Agnès Claverie, Sud Ouest – 8 octobre 2004


Tournée 2003 en Allemagne, à Francfort et à Darmstadt dans le cadre du Kultursommerfestival Südhessen

“Freedom of resonance” – Michael Rieth, Frankfurter Rundschau – Frankfurt Kultur – June 03rd, 2003

“Töne aus Röhren – Boris Halva, Darmstädter Echo – June 05th, 2003


Tournée 2001 au Portugal, à Porto dans le cadre des échanges entre les villes de Bordeaux et de Porto à l’occasion de Porto, capitale européenne en 2001 – Geminação Porto-Bordéus

Jacky Craissac presented 3 creations on June 24th, 25th and 26th, 2001 to the Theater Do Campo Alegre, Gave conferences onto the ancestral transmission, the sound, the rhythm, the improvisation and the creation with music professors. He welcomed the children of music schools too for a raising sensitization to the sound and to the rhythm.

Annonce Jacky Craissac en concert à Porto


WEB_ Porto_2001


The music in 1999 for To Dialogue / To take Aback, a play by Xingjan Gao

Jacky Craissac created the music Mélodie de sons for To Dialogue / To take Aback, a play by chinese author, painter and director Xingjian Gao, the 2000 Nobel Prize Winner for Literature.



” Jacky Craissac’s melody of sounds” – Jean-Luc Gleyze, Sud Ouest – October 19th, 1999


Au Théâtre Molière à Bordeaux et avec l’Office Artistique de la Région Aquitaine dans le cadre de l’Esprit du Flamenco en mars 1999 avec Inspiration Flamenca




“The spirit of flamenco” –  Bertrand Roch – Point of vue, Sud Ouest – March 17th, 1999





Résidence de création au Théâtre Molière à Bordeaux (F) en 1996
Two concerts on March 1st and 2nd, 1996, raising sensitization to the sound and to the rhythm, several meetings with children, professionals.

WEB_OARA_ Bordeaux_1996The sound sculptor” – Valérie de Saint-Do, Sud Ouest – March 1st, 1996

“Harmonics” – Philippe Méziat, Sud Ouest – Point of vue – March 2nd,1996